1.Obligations of the Seller:

  • Advise and guide all information related to the product for the Buyer to understand and be able to use the service.
  • Provide sufficient products to the Buyer on time and in quantity after the Buyer has paid in full to the Seller.
  • Assist the Buyer in resolving complaints, questions and difficulties in the process of using the product.
  • Provide documents related to the Buyer’s payment to the Seller such as receipts, invoices,… with the total amount set by the Buyer in the month as required.

2. Obligations of the Buyer

  • Strictly comply with the processes and regulations related to the service prescribed by the Seller.
  • Pay the Seller in full amount according to the order together with documents and invoices as prescribed (if any).
  • Support and provide full information to the Seller in relation to transactions upon the Seller’s request.


In order to ensure the interests of customers, improve the quality of aftersales service, VIET NHAT SAFETY GLASS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (VSG) will support you to change the new product of the same type if the product has a problem that cannot be fixed immediately (due to technical errors of the manufacturer). Details are as follows:
1. Scope of application:

  • Subjects of application: Customers who have purchased products at VSG company

2. Conditions apply:

  • Time to exchange and return goods: Products are exchanged within 7 days from delivery (applicable to all products).
  • The product must have original seal stamps of VIET Nhat SAFETY GLASS Joint Stock COMPANY (VSG) or of the manufacturer.
  • Customers still keep sales invoices.
  • The returned products must be intact, foam and full of accessories, promotional gifts (if any)…
  • The returned product has no form defects (scratches, breaks, dents,etc.)
  • When receiving the product, it must have all the attached documents such as purchase documents, VAT invoices, warranty cards, manuals, catalogs…)

3. In case of nonacceptance of exchange/return:

  • Customers want to change types and models without prior notice.
  • The product error was caused by the customer using it incorrectly.
  • Customers do not comply with the regulations as required to enjoy the warranty and exchange
  • Customers themselves affect the external condition of the product such as: Tearing, packaging, scratching, scratching, breaking…
  • The customer requests to return the goods because of scratches, scrapes, distortions, stains, gold… after they have been inspected and received the goods.

4. Process of exchanging/returning goods:

  • Customers contact directly to the customer care department of VIET Nhat SAFETY GLASS Joint Stock COMPANY (VSG)
  • After obtaining a certificate of condition with the content of damaged goods due to manufacturer error, the exchange of goods will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of VIET NHAT SAFETY GLASS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (VSG) and the manufacturer.
  • The process of exchanging/returning goods is carried out within 07 (seven) days from the date of receiving all information and documents as prescribed by the customer.
  • Please contact Hotline 098.37.88888 for instructions on return procedures.


  • Preserve and store customer transaction data within 12 months from the date of transaction.
  • Keep documents related to customer complaints for a period of 12 months from the date the results of the inspection are accepted by the customer.


  • The information of the Customer when using the product on the website: vsg.com.vn will be kept confidential and will not disclose your personal information to unrelated third parties without the consent of the Customer.
  • Use of personal information: In case of necessity, vsg.com.vn can use the information of customers on the system to contact such as calling, sending emails, thankyou letters…
  • Sharing of personal information: The Company undertakes not to disclose any information of the Client. Except, some necessary cases such as:
  • When requested by legal agencies, in which case we believe that it will help us protect our legitimate rights before the law…